Sandblasting, in common uses, refers to the actual high-pressure blasting of sand to remove layers of glass or other materials from a surface. Controlled sandblasting can take place in our factory or on-site sandblasting can be performed at your home or business. This means that Millroy Sandblasting will bring all the required sandblasting equipment to you and do the sandblasting there. Sandblasting on-site is generally required when the glass is already installed or the equipment to be sandblasted is too large or heavy to remove to our factory.

Millroy Sandblasting has been sandblasting glass, mirrors, steel, wood, plastic, rocks, brickwork, road surfaces, concrete and many other substrates since 1995.

Sandblast Vinyl is another option when considering sandblasting. Sandblast Vinyl is a vinyl film made to look like sandblasting and has the advantage of being able to be removed at a later date. Sandblast Vinyl is used mainly when premises are rented and the tenant does not want to have to replace the sandblasted glass at the end of the rental period. Sandblasting is permanent and once something has been sandblasted it cannot be reversed.

Millroy Artysands Sandblasting has done on-site sandblasting in all the major cities of South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia and Swaziland for various corporate clients.

Millroy Artysands Sandblasting is the sandblasting supplier of choice for many of the leading  glass suppliers, hotel groups, shower manufacturers, construction companies and the little glass company on the corner.

Millroy Artysands Sandblasting is also the sole licensed manufacturer of sandblasted mirrors, coffee mugs and glasses for the Manchester United Football Club in Africa.

Millroy Artysands Sandblasting invites you to contact us to discuss your sandblasting requirements without any obligation. Our consultants are experts in their field and will give honest advice. Our quotations are free of charge and obligation.

Quality and Service continue to be our Success!

For more information about Millroy on-site sandblasting, decorative sandblasting, laser engraving, scratch removal, window film or Clearshield, please view our FAQ page.


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